Friday, July 11, 2008

Swarovski Jewelries From My Sister

I love wearing accessories and jewelries especially when I go somewhere. I match it with my clothes. In fact have a collection of different kinds, colors and styles of accessories and jewelries. Last Christmas, my hubby’s gifts to me were jewelries. Also, my sister sent some to me a few months ago. I love the swarovski crystals that she gave me. In fact I am collecting swarovski jewelries because I love its sparkling effect. Whenever I wear my swarovski jewelries to church, some friends noticed it and they said it’s pretty. I told them my sister handmade those swarovski jewelries and she sent it to me. It’s also her business, making and selling swarovski jewelries. She sent me a couple of swarovski bracelets already and they’re really beautiful. My sister has e-mailed me some samples of her swarovski jewelries that she made. Just see the photos below. These jewelries are made with real swarovski crystals with a 10K fillers in between the crystals. She’s selling the bracelets for $25 each, the earrings for $10 each, the rings for $10 each and the necklace for $45 each plus shipping and handling. I think the prices are not bad for swarovski crystals with 10K gold. In case you want to order, just contact me. I don’t have commission, I am just helping my sister.





Below are the swarovski jewelries that my sister sent to me which I wear when I go to church.



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