Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goodbye Violy (Part I)

It really hurt to lose someone you love. This year I lost 2 people that I dearly love. Last February, my beloved aunt who took care of us passed away. I cried so much because of that. Then last week September 27th, my beloved sister passed away. It hurt me deeply to see Violy go. I have 3 siblings but Violy is the closest to me because she’s my only sister. We prayed to God to heal her for more than 4 months. I lost count how many times I shed tears and cried out to out to God to please heal her for the sake of her 2 kids who are still young. I encouraged her many times and advised her to put her trust and faith in Jesus Christ. Our entire family had been praying together asking God for a miracle. I requested a lot of people from around the world to pray for her healing. We didn’t lose hope and Violy kept fighting for her life. Everyday I see her suffer and it broke my heart to pieces seeing her health deteriorate and I can’t do anything but to give her hope and pray. My sister was a very strong woman. She maybe petite and shorty but she can endure the pain without the aid of pain reliever. I’ve seen her suffer and she didn’t complain. Little by little her body slowly succumbed to her illness and how I cried every night to God to heal her miraculously. She fought the big C courageously and lost the battle. She had also heart trouble, asthma, gastritis and peptic ulcer. These illnesses really made her life so miserable during the past months.

I told my sister many times that I love her very much and I wasn’t ready to lose her. Since she lived next door, I was with her everyday when her boys and husband went to work. Hubby and I went with her in the hospital twice when she was hospitalized last June and July. She requested me to pray for her many times. I read a lot of healing verses to her. I took care of her during daytime and attended to her needs when she became weaker. I sang hymns to her and a few days before she passed away, she requested me to sing to her the hymn “When We All Get To Heaven.” I know it was very difficult for her husband and 2 boys seeing Violy suffer for almost 5 months. It was so hard for us her siblings too. Violy is a very great woman, a loving sister and a very compassionate person. It broke our hearts into pieces seeing her suffer and in pain everyday.



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