Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goodbye Violy (Part II)

Last August 9, 2010, Violy had palpitations that lasted a few hours and it made her weak and at the same time she had stomach pain. She thought she was going to die that time and she was just waiting for heartbeat to stop. She even said goodbye to us and told her husband not to take her to the doctor no more. She told us to let her go. She said she already suffered too much and she wanted to rest and see Jesus Christ. We were all crying that time. Violy told her hubby what clothes she wanna wear when she dies. She said it’s in the other room, her clothes that she wears when she sponsors a wedding. She also told Jhun to put her coffin at the carport so it has more space. I wasn’t able to stand that scene, I went to our house which is just in front of Violy’s house and kneeled down in our room and cried out to the Lord to heal Violy. Moments later, hubby came in and told me Violy was feeling better and I was so relieved.

As days and weeks went by, Violy’s health started to deteriorate. She became weaker and weaker and was unable to eat. She even lost her voice. Still we didn’t lost hope and we kept on praying. We were asking God that she will get well before her birthday. Then her birthday came and that was September 23rd. Her office mates called and asked if it’s okay if they will come and visit her and they will bring foods to celebrate her birthday. I said that sounds good and so they came around 3:00 PM that day and they brought pancit and roll cake. Her friends bought softdrinks too. Before they came, I fixed my sister’s hair, applied face powder on her face and put her earrings so she will look presentable. I was there entertaining my li’l sister’s visitors because she can’t talk no more. Violy was not able to eat the foods they brought. She got no appetite to eat and it was hard for her to swallow foods. The next day I was with her in their house and I was rubbing her back to ease the pain. This time she was already almost skin and bones. I wasn’t able to hold back my tears and I sobbed and cried while I hugged her. I told her how much I loved her and I thanked her for all the things she has done for me. I should have not cried beside her but my heart was really torn into pieces seeing her condition that time. Her two kids were just looking at us. My heart goes out to them.

Then on September 27th, I was sitting beside Violy on their couch in their living room. The couch was like her bed. She slept there sitting down because it’s hard for her to breath when she lie down because of her asthma. She slept like that for a couple of months. Then during late afternoon that day, three of our relatives came to see Violy and one of my aunts can’t help herself but cry when she had seen Violy’s condition, weak and very skinny. While we were talking, around 6:55 PM, I noticed my sister took a deep breath and so I said “Violy” but she didn’t respond. I tapped her hand and when we raised her head upwards, she was already gone. I cried and bawled like a little kid. My brother was crying too and also my relatives. Moments later I called Jhun, Violy’s husband who was at work but no answer. I tried many times but failed to contact him. My nephew called his cellphone too but no answer. My youngest brother and my husband tried to contact him too but still no answer. Later on we found out that his cellphone was on his desk in his office but it didn’t ring. All our calls didn’t register in his cellphone and until now we are puzzled.

My li’l sister’s suffering has ended. She is now in heaven where there’s no more sickness, no pain, no more tears and sorrow and although we know where she is now, we can’t help but feel sad because she’s no longer here with us. I can’t see her and talked to her everyday as I used to. Only her memories remain in our hearts forever. I lost my bestfriend, confidant and my one and only beloved sister whom I dearly loved. It really hurts and until now I haven’t gotten over it yet. I know Jhun and their 2 kids are still grieving. They may not say it but I can see it in their eyes. In due time, God will heal the wound of losing my li’l sister. We miss you Violy ading ko and we love you very much. Goodbye for now but see you in heaven someday.


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