Friday, October 22, 2010

Latets Ministry Update

Last Sunday, we started the rice ministry in our church. A couple who are dear friends of ours from the states who attend our church are the sponsors. They told me that they used to do this in their church when they were in another province and their attendance really increased. So last week, we went to buy one sack of rice and we put in a plastic bag, 2 kilos each. During our service last Sunday, it was announced that we are giving away 1 plastic bag of rice per one household but only to the parent/s who attended our service. Most of the people who attend our church come from a poor family so 2 kilos of rice which is equivalent to 4.4 lbs is a great help to them. So after the service, Pastor George (my hubby) gave the bags of rice to the parents. There were 10 bags of rice which were given away. We hope and pray that next week our church attendance will go up when other parents will learn that our church is giving away rice to parents. By the way, last Sunday, there was one mom who attended our service for the first time. I think she learned about our rice ministry because I told it to 2 mothers when we had a visitation last Saturday. Well, we gotta do what we gotta do just to attract people to come to church. I tried to invite some people many times and they said yes but they didn’t come. We’ll see if our rice ministry will be effective to increase our attendance.

A million thanks to our dear friends who have the heart in helping God’s work and voluntarily sponsored the rice ministry in our church and also donated money in buying some Bibles. Thanks also to one of my Facebook friends in the US who donates money monthly through Paypal for my Sunday school kids’ supplies and snacks. I hope and pray that God will touch more people to help our church so we can buy a lot and later on build our own church building.


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