Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MP3 Player from Josh

Last Saturday, our oldest grandkid, Josh gave me an MP3 player. He had bought a new one and he was carrying both of his MP3 players when I asked him what are those. I am really ignorant about these new gadgets, your lola is really out of this world, ha-ha!!! I haven’t owned one in my life and I don’t know how it works. Then Shelly told Josh to give the old one to me. Boy! I was really glad. I’ve been wanting to own one before because I was curious how those thing work but the price is too much for my curiosity. Besides I can live without those anyway. But I thank God I had it for free and that’s really a blessing. Josh had been showing me how to operate it but I need more time to master it. I used it already when we were on the way home last Sunday. It’s really cool because Shelly had downloaded Christian songs in it and I enjoyed listening to it. Thank you Josh, you’re so sweet for giving one of your MP3 players to me.



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