Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Free Tagalog Movies

I've found another website where I can watch a free Tagalog movie. Actually it's a blog and the owner uploaded those movies in his site. I just finished watching a movie in that site this afternoon after I was done with all my paid blogging. I finished early with my blogging today and so far I was able to grab the higher paying opps. I surpassed my goal and I made a total of $42.50 today. Thank God. Okay back to the movie that I watched. It's a Tagalog movie and the title is "Paano Kita Iibigin" starring Regine Velasques and Piolo Pascual. It's a drama, love story movie. I was even teary-eyed while watching it. Yakss... Sad movies make me cry, (madrama si lola). If you want to watch it, just click HERE but first you have to download certain programs before you can watch it. It's free and I enjoyed watching it. I'll go back there again and watch another Tagalog movie one of these days when I'm not busy.


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