Monday, February 11, 2008


Seems like it’s been ages since I updated this blog. I seldom get opportunities for this blog that’s why my main focus is in My Online Journal blog because that’s where I get lots of opps. Then there are other blogs of mine too to update. It’s really time-consuming to have lots of blogs. But I’m having fun though.

I finally sent the papers for my citizenship last January 31. It took me a while to do it. One reason is the money. Then a friend of mine volunteered to loan me the money a few months ago but hubby and I were waiting to file after we sell the house so I will not have to change my address in the INS. No buyer of the house yet so I decided to file my application. I heard it will take 6 months to wait. Tonight, Wayne called from Iowa and he talked to his dad. After they talked, hubby told me that he’s supposed to send money so I can file my citizenship but hubby told him that I already sent the application together with the payment more than a week ago. I told hubby though that he should have told him that we’re still saving money so we can pay my friend who loaned us the money for my application fee. We really need the money right now that’s why I don’t understand my hubby why he didn’t tell it to his son. Hubby was bashful again or maybe it’s his ego. I really don’t know. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend Americans.

I am still waiting for the IRS to send me the acknowledgment receipt of the forms and fee that I sent them. Not sure though if they will.


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