Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hubby’s New Haircut

Yesterday, I found time to give my hubby a haircut. Since I’ve been here in the US, I was the one cutting his hair. You might think I’m a hair stylist or what, but no. I never cut a man’s hair before. When I got here in the US, I used to convert the value of the dollar to peso. I told him everything here is expensive when converted to peso. So in order to save money, I volunteered to cut his hair. I was teasing him that he will just give to me the money that he’s supposed to pay to the barber. True indeed, he gave me maybe twice or thrice but now I don’t charge him no more, he-he-he. Not only I’m his barber but I’m also the one cutting his nails. I’ve been doing it since we got married. He never asked me to do it but I volunteered. I’m also his massager. Every time his muscles are sore or tight, I give him the needed massage. Yesterday, after I cut his hair, I cut his fingernails and toenails. Then I gave him a massage in his shoulders because he complained that it’s sore. I have to take care of my hubby because I love him and it’s my duty as a wife to tend to his needs. I like his haircut now. I cut his hair shorter this time. Here’s his new haircut.



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