Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eulogy Speech For My Friend

Last Saturday was my friend Gloria's funeral. I was  asked to give a eulogy speech for her. Last year, I did 2 eulogy speeches for my aunt and my li'l sister respectively and tears rolled down my cheeks while I was speaking. It brought back memories of them when I did it for my friend. I wrote this eulogy speech for Gloria but I delivered it without reading my copy.

Gloria was a very dear friend. We were friends since we were in high school and we became close friends when we were in 3rd year HS until college. We were both born in the month of August, only different dates. I remember the first time she invited us to their house was during her 14th birthday. She invited us for lunch that time with her parents. She was an only child so they can afford to celebrate her birthday, unlike me, we were poor and I didn’t celebrate my birthday during those times. We went to the same university in college but I transferred to another school two years after. We lost contact that time but when we graduated, she kept in touch and she told me that she worked in Manila as a saleslady in a department store and it was during that time that she met her husband. She was pregnant with Jaah when she came to our house and told me about it. She became my kumare when she gave birth to her 2nd child Aika. It was that time that I met her husband. Later on I was informed that he left her for the 2nd time after she gave birth to their 4th child and he never returned. She did the role of mother and father to her 4 kids, raising them all by herself and I salute her for that. It was during her lowest moments that she turned to God, accepted Him as her Lord and Savior and led her kids to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

What is it that I can’t forget about Gloria. I think it’s her happy personality, her smile and her camaraderie. She’s a jolly person and when you look at her, you can’t tell that she’s carrying a heavy burden in her heart. Raising a child with no job is already a heavy burden, how much more raising 4 children alone with no parents or sibling to help her. I can’t forget also that every time she came to the house to visit me, she brought me malunggay, sineguelas or mangoes. She was a very thoughtful friend despite her lack, she managed to give me something. I can’t forget those times that she came to me and told me she has no rice to cook for her family so I gave her rice or money. Not that much but it help her anyway. She tried her best to earn money, she even became a Tupperware dealer, Avon dealer, etc. She became a tutor, made rice cakes for her kids to sell. She did anything to earn money and support her family. During my wedding, she was there as one of the usherettes. Her gift to us was a photo album. When I was in the states I kept in contact with her. I was thinking of how to help her and so I thought of finding an American husband for Aika so she can help her family later on. In short I became cupid or matchmaker for Aika and I’m so glad that Aika found a very good husband in the person of Jon.

I know that Gloria and her kids are so close to each other but I was told also that she and Aika have that special bonding so when Aika went abroad she was so sad and missed her terribly. Gloria love her kids so much that she will do anything for her kids. She has also a forgiving heart. She didn’t hold a grudge to her husband even though he abandoned them for 13 years. She told me many times that she will still have him back if he decide to return but it never happen. Gloria is great mother and a friend. She will forever live in my heart, in our hearts.

Gloria is in heaven now and we are here on her funeral. This is not the time for us to grieve her death but it’s our time to celebrate her life. Don’t ever forget Gloria. I know she never wanted to see people cry. I know at this moment she is happy and smiling now in heaven. So at this moment when we are about to lay her body to rest, let’s all think back and remember how Gloria touched our lives. How she inspired us that being a single parent and poor is not a hindrance to raise her 4 kids. This is not the moment for us to shed our tears but we should all be thankful that we were given the chance to have known a woman named Gloria.

Gloria will forever be missed but I know in the right time, I will meet Gloria again. Her kids will meet her again. We will all meet Gloria again in heaven if we are saved.


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