Sunday, January 23, 2011

Need to Exercise

Since we moved to this house, I didn't have time to exercise or work-out no more. I've been busy with lots of things and most of the time I feel lazy to do it. Lately I noticed I gained weight maybe because of lots of eating during the holidays. I tried to get on my stationary bike but then I already get bored riding it. I wanted something different.

Last Thursday, we went to SM to pay my internet bill. I passed by the sports store and I stopped by. I've seen that the elliptical machine that I've been wanting to buy was on sale. I asked how long will the sale last and the salesman told me it's until the last day of this month and the one on display was the last piece they have. So I decided to buy it right away after trying it. The good thing about buying the one on display is that it's already assembled and ready to use. I was worried it won't fit our car but they dis-attached the 2 handles and voila it fit in our car!

I've been using my elliptical machine in the morning when I got up and it made me sweat a lot. So far I've been on it for two consecutive mornings and I hope I can do it at least three times a week or more. I want to shed off these excess pounds that I gained during the holidays. I also hope I can get back to my walking exercise. I just need the will and determination. When I was in Texas, I exercise daily and I lost a lot of weight. At that time I had treadmill, stationary bike and power rider. If I did it before, I can do it now.


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