Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodbye My Friend

We went to my friend Gloria's wake last night with hubby, my brother and his wife and my brother-in-law. We were supposed to be there around 7:35 but we waited on my BIL who was in a meeting in his work. So we went there around 8:15 already and a lady pastor was preaching. We sat down and listened and after she preached, my goddaughter Aika rendered a beautiful song. Then she called my hubby to give his message. Before that, I distributed the copies of the songs I printed to the people  there. Then I got the microphone and  I said a short tribute to my friend Gloria who was my close friend since high school days. She has 4 kids and raised them all by herself since her husband left them more than 13 years ago. I didn't know how she managed to raise 3 kids by herself with just a meager salary as a day care teacher. Other mother would have been looking for another husband or have lost her mind in thinking how to support 4 kids. But it was also amazing how the good Lord works. It was during those trying moments of her life that she had come to know Jesus Christ and accepted Him as her Savior, found a good church where she and her kids worship the Lord. Her oldest son finished college and is now a registered nurse with a good job. Her second daughter (my goddaughter) is married to a good and responsible American guy and she is now based in the US. She just arrived yesterday to be with her siblings during this time of grief and to give her last respect to her mom. My friend's 2 younger kids are  still in school. They all love their mom and I've seen in their faces sadness and grief of losing a mother. They were abandoned by their dad and now their mom passed away. That's life, we have to be strong and draw our strength from God so we can withstand the trials that beset us. I know how it feels to lose someone dear in the family. I lost my mom at a young age, then my grandparents, my dad and just recently, my aunt and my dear sister. It's so painful and until now I haven't gotten over yet with the loss of my sister. I know it will take a while but I just pray to God to take away the pain and grief of losing my li'l sister.

We sang 2 hymns last night at my friend's wake, "When We All Get To Heaven" and "Because He Lives." I led the singing though my voice was not that great. My BIL played the guitar while we were singing. Then I gave a short testimony of my life. After that, hubby gave his message and the title was "Our God Of Comfort." We hope and pray that they understood the message and that God will comfort my friend's kids during this time of need. My tears were flowing when my friend's oldest son said a short tribute to his mom after he sang. I felt his grief and sadness of losing his beloved mom and so with his siblings. Bless their hearts!


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