Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lumpia (Eggrolls)

The other day my husband was asked by one of his co-workers if he can bring some finger foods in the school for their snacks. The teachers and staff bring foods their alternately since the beginning of this month so my husband asked me if I can cook lumpia (eggrolls) for him to take in the school. It's a good thing that I had 3 dozens of lumpia in the freezer that I made previously. Some are made of chicken and the rest are made of beef. I had to get up early to fry them because my hubby will go to work at 6:45 AM. I told my hubby to wake me up early so I can fry the lumpia. When I woke up I heard the pan is sizzling and he is already frying them. He didn't want to bother my sleep so he didn't wake me up early. He didn't fry it good though, so I had to take over and do the frying. I fried 25 pieces of lumpia and put it in a big plastic container lined with paper towels and covered it and it was ready for him to take it to his work. After my hubby left I went back to bed and continue my sleep. Then at around 9:00 AM I was having my morning devotion when the telephone rang. I didn't go and answer the phone thinking that it was just one of those telemarketers trying to sell something. Then I heard a lady leaving a voice message in the answering machine. Her name is Cathy, the school receptionist. She called to tell me that the lumpia I made were sooo goood and delicious!!! So I had to return the call and I talked to her on the phone. She was so thankful for the lumpia and she said she already ate quite a few of it. I was so glad that she like it and I appreciate that she called and thank me. When my husband came home he told me that Cathy and some of the teachers were asking him to bring more next time. They were also asking him if I can make some and sell it to them. George said the lumpia were all gone so quick but the other foods were still there in the office. My lumpia was a big hit in the school.


Tonja said...

OH! I wish I had some of your Lumpia!!! They are better than egg rolls!!! You're the best Lumpia maker ever!! Of course I've never had anyone else's Lumpia but I'm sure yours is the BEST!!!!!

Lisa said...

Sure thing Tonja, you will have some lumpia from me. I thought of giving you before reading your wish. See ya in Alvarado.

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