Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ready For Christmas

We’ll be leaving for Alvarado today to celebrate Christmas there. I’m excited to see the kids and grandkids and our friends there. All the gifts have been wrapped and ready for Christmas. I’ve done all the giftwrapping because hubby has been busy working. He just went with me shopping for the gifts. The other day he gave me my Christmas gift from him. It’s a micro digital camera, a lot smaller than my regular Sony cybershot digicam. He knows that I love taking pictures and this one is tiny and I can even wear it like a necklace because it came with a long strap and a CD called phototags express wherein I can put captions in my photos and make cards and calendars. It’s so cool! He also bought me 1 box of photo paper so I can print pictures in my printer and I don’t have to go to Wal Mart and have it developed. I’ve been having fun printing our photos since then.

Okay I will have to prepare our things and get ready. We’ll be back a day after Christmas. Until then…


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