Friday, December 1, 2006

Winter Time

Winter don’t start officially until the 3rd week of December but it started early here in Texas. We had snow yesterday and early today. Early in the morning yesterday, my hubby has been watching the news. He told me that he gonna go to work later that morning because they opened 10:00 AM yesterday according to the news because of the snow. Unlike other states that they are used to having snow, here in Texas it doesn’t snow that often that’s why they don’t have those tools to clear the road and according to the news there were minor accidents that happened yesterday. It’s really weird because the other day the highest temperature was 71 and then the next day it was snowing. Today my hubby didn’t go to work because they closed the school where he works because there is still snow. The temperature this morning dropped to 14 degrees. I’m happy because we gonna spend the day together and still they gonna pay him even though he didn’t go to work today. This morning the view was so nice, all the surroundings were so white so my hubby and I took pictures infront of the house. Dsc00638

The snow is not really that deep but still it was so cold outside and my hands were like frozen so I have to put them inside my pockets.


While I’ve been looking at the white surroundings, I glory in God’s wonderful creation. I’m so thankful for the glory that God has poured upon us. Only Him can create snow and no one else have the power to do that. Isn’t it wonderful that we have a God who showed us that He can make all things beautiful in His time?

But this afternoon the sun is shining so the snow started to melt already. The temperature went up to 45 degrees now. Isn’t that weird? Snow here only last for a day. This is Texas, wherein the weather changes so fast. I don’t really like the snow to stay for a long time, I prefer dry winter. According to the news, cold front is coming again on Sunday and who knows, snow might come again. More photos here.


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